Circus Dreams

After a triumphant run in Asia, South America and Europe, "Rêves de cirque" finally arrives in France. A journey to the land of dreams and the circus:The story tells of a little boy's dream to find his favorite toys, a touching and thrilling adventure full of [...].

Festival Les Expressifs Poitiers

Festival Les Expressifs live show downtown Poitiers Tourist Office of Grand Poitiers VisitPoitiers 2023

This year, Les Expressifs is moving to the Poitiers campus, but still offering free performances by street artists, musicians and dancers!

Life-size escape games

Visit the Grand Poitiers Tourist Office, 45 place Charles de Gaulle, Poitiers, to try out our life-size adventure games, which we're offering in partnership with Odyssée Prod! In Viking 2.0, the idea is simple: you're Igor Dehors, descendant of Viking hero King Hagnar. Only you're living in the 21st century and [...].