Urban Trail Poitiers

A run and walk organized in Poitiers in September. 10km to discover the city's heritage, its hills and its many stairways!

Guided tour of the medieval city of Chauvigny

View of Chauvigny Tourist Office of Grand Poitiers VisitPoitiers

Thanks to these guided tours, the medieval city will no longer hold any secrets for you! Classified as one of the most beautiful detours in France, Chauvigny is distinguished by its five castles built on the same rocky spur from the 11th to the 15th century. In the center of the medieval city stands the elegant silhouette of the [...]

Life-size escape games

Visit the Grand Poitiers Tourist Office, 45 place Charles de Gaulle, Poitiers, to try out our life-size adventure games, which we're offering in partnership with Odyssée Prod! In Viking 2.0, the idea is simple: you're Igor Dehors, descendant of Viking hero King Hagnar. Only you're living in the 21st century and [...].