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WHAT TO DO IN GRAND POITIERS ? During your stay, discover Poitiers and its surroundings through many activities! On water, on land or in the air, choose your element! Whatever your tastes, we offer you a large choice of activities to share with your family, friends or couple to discover the city.
All year round - Poitiers
Life-size escape games
Visit the Grand Poitiers Tourist Office, 45 place Charles de Gaulle, Poitiers, to try out our life-size adventure games, which we're offering in partnership with Odyssée Prod! In Viking 2.0, the idea is simple: you're Igor Dehors, descendant of Viking hero King Hagnar. Only you're living in the 21st century and [...].
Viking 2.0 escape game Grand Poitiers Tourist Office VisitPoitiers
Viking 2.0: life-size adventure game
Price from 5€ onwards
45 place Charles de Gaulle Poitiers
Discover Poitiers while having fun, in search of the Viking Treasure!
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